At this point in time as I write this on October 10, 2016, I find it very hard to believe that there is truly an undecided voter out there. I have come to feel like those that claim they are undecided are merely attention seekers. Because the media focus on people who claim to be in that camp at this point in any election. But after all the nonsense that has gone on in the last few weeks, and months, I can't fathom or understand how anyone could think that “He who must not be Named” could possibly lead this nation anywhere but into the a deep chasm of despair, and every passenger on the train with their hair on fire.




Never has a candidate be unable to at least discuss their political positions and talking points in the most basic terms at a debate. There just has never been a cycle like this. Accusing your opponent of having hate in their heart. It is simply outlandish can only make for good reality TV but not for civic duty, or public discourse. The GOP has positions sure, and I feel pretty strongly that their candidate does not even know what they are, or if he does, he does not care, nor will he choose to stick to them anyway. All the parties have positions, but the premise is we talk about the ideas, respectfully debate the merits openly and then we work towards finding common ground and make decision to do things that are best we can, you know liberty and justice for all.




Yes it is hard and yes we wont always agree, and mostly won't but the level of hate and vitriol that is commonly exchanged when someone has a different political view than your own is unacceptable. I want a president who looks forward and not backward. I want a president who will listen to facts and positions and make decisions with wisdom and grace, not hostility and ignorance. I want a president who understand that this has always been a nation of immigrants and that diversity of our people make us strong not weak.


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