Hello Friends,

We have a prime opportunity to elect someone new to Congress for Alaska this year!

Congressman Don Young's time has come and gone.  Alaska is no longer "Don Young Country" as he likes to claim, this guy has had his turn and been in office since 1972.  That is over 4 Decades!  OMG is he planning to stay in this office until death do us part?   It is time for a fresh face!

I am really excited about a new choice we have this year and I simply just want to introduce you to this guy if for no other reason than he is actually Alaskan, he is also young, energetic, smart, and frankly way more in touch than Alaska's current  Representative to Congress who honestly has not even really "lived" in Alaska for over 42 years!  The energy of this years' campaign is heating up and Alaska voters can really step up and change the outcome this year, but you must participate!

When you start thinking about the election, and your vote this year, when you go to the polls, I want you to at least consider looking at my friend Forrest Dunbar.  Here is a link to a great article where you can get a sense of where he came from and who he is and what he is all about:


If that article peaked your interest as it did mine here is his website:

If you are like me you get asked for contributions nearly every day over the phone, in the mail or online and at the end of the day I am not a big donor to political campaigns, but for this one in particular,  I really think your $25 or $50 or even $100 check could make so much difference your have no idea!!

We need a choice, and my friend Forrest Dunbar represents an excellent one!  Please join me and support this candidate!

Your Friend Bronze